Create automated charts and dashboards for all your digital marketing platforms. No code, no CSVs — just lots of pretty graphs.

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Get freshly synced data for all your digital accounts every day. Looking for something we don’t support yet? Let us know and we’ll get working on it.

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Reports that make an impression.

Create automated dashboards to track performance and show (off) to stakeholders. Make your commercial proposition even punchier to externals with a knockout data tool.

Explore like never before.

These aren’t just static dashboards – analyse data on the fly with ‘Explore’.  Enable your whole team to answer questions without writing code. Click to add different fields, sort & filter results, and also switch visualisation type.

Designed for the best, used by the best.

Squeeze was built by marketers who couldn’t find a quality data solution.  It turns out, we weren’t the only ones.  We now support agencies, in-house marketing teams and high growth startups get the most out of their data.
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