Reports That Make an Impression

Insights that speak for themselves.

Use SqueezeAI to explain any chart in a report, so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to data confusion and hello to simple, actionable insights that your whole team can make sense of.

Make reports your own.

Impress the people that matter most with reports styled to match the energy level of your performance results.  Choose your colours, fonts, drop shadow with Squeeze Themes.

Scale faster with templates.

Save your own report templates to duplicate across accounts, or get started with an editable Squeeze template.

All your platforms, one report.

Get a complete view of your marketing performance by combining data from multiple platforms into one report.

Sharing is caring.

Transparency made easy: share live data or PDF reports with your team and stakeholders.

Make reporting commercially valuable.

Let's face it, most marketing reporting tools are about as exciting as watching paint dry. At Squeeze, we're flipping the script.

We've taken our years of struggling with other reporting tools & made something better. Something that helps you look awesome, scale without the manual pain, and build lasting relationships with stakeholders.

Welcome to reporting that's commercially valuable.
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